1.5 m 4 Posters Pink Bed Canopy Princess Queen Single Mosquito Bedding Net Bed Tent Four Corners Curtain

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1. This beautiful four corners bow bed canopy can turn any room into a mysterious and wonderful fairyland and is suitable for QUEEN sized beds. It's easy to clean and install and allows your baby to have a sound sleep.
2. The denser strong mosquito net can keep the baby away from mosquito bites, while the suction cup is strong to attach. It can also serve as a mosquito net that installed on the children's bed so as to protect the baby from mosquito harassment and help it to sleep peacefully under this beautiful bed canopy.


1. Material: polyester fiber
2. Applicable beds: for QUEEN beds
3. Size: (approx.)
1) Height: 2 m/2.19 yd
2) Width: 1.5 m/4.92 yd
3) Length: 2 m/2.19 yd

Notes: This mosquito net does not contain holders. You can use the existing holders at home, or a rope to hang the four corners of the bed.

Packing list:

1* Four-Cornered Bow Mosquito Net