10'x30' 8 SideWalls Canopy Party Wedding Tent White Gazebo Pavilion White Color

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If you happen to need a tent for own use, this 3 x 9m 8 Sides 2 Doors Home Assembled Tent Plastic Fastenings Kit may be a great choice. It is designed into 8 sides, with 2 doors that ensure good ventilation. Made of premium polyethylene and steel materials, it is of great durability and solid structure. Waterproof fabric makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is easy to install and use. Most of all, it is quite space-saving when it folds. A convenient and stylish item!

1. New and in a good condition
2. First-rate steel and polyethylene materials, fine workmanship and meticulous treatment
3. Excellent ventilation with 2 doors
4. Won't take up too much space when it is folded
5. It is a sort of waterproof item, fit for outdoor use especially
6. Protect you from scorching sun light and rain
7. Come with various steel pipes for easy and quick assembly

1. Color: White
2. Weight: 49.6 lbs / 22.5kg
3. Bracket Material: Steel
4. Steel Pipe Size: 31/24/18/0.55/0.45/0.45MM
5. Fitting Material: Polyethylene
6. Top Cloth Material: 90G/M2 PE
6. Dimensions: (354.3 x 118.11)"" / (900 x 300)cm(L x W)
7. Door Quantity: 2
8. Applicable Listings: 5~8
9. Spatial Structure: Two-Bedroom
10. Waterproof: Yes
11. Tent Structure: Single Tent
12. Suitable for: Household,Wedding,Party,Parking Shed

Package Includes:
13 x No.1 Steel Pipes
8 x No.2 Steel Pipes
16 x No.3 Steel Pipes
8 x No.4 Steel Pipes
8 x No.5 Steel Pipes
8 x No.6 Steel Pipes
1 x No.7 Steel Pipe
4 x No.A Plastic Connectors
4 x No.B Plastic Connectors
2 x No.C Plastic Connectors
2 x No.D Plastic Connectors
8 x No.E Plastic Connectors
13 x No.F Plastic Connectors
16 x No.G Plastic Connectors
8 x Ropes
16 x Fixed Hooks
1 x Top Cloth
8 x Surround Cloths