NEW 12Led Solar Power Light Butterfly Fiber Optic Fairy String Outdoor Garden Decor

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Product Description:
Color: Colorful
Material: Fiber Optic + Canvas
Weight: 0.21kg

Product Performance:
Sunny day 8 hour charge, 6-8 hours lighting at night, the product life of more than 1year
Product specifications: Solar Panel: 2V 100mA
Battery: 1pcs 1.2V 1200mAh AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
Number of LED lights: 30 lights, 50lights, 100lights, 200 lights, 150 lights lamp
LED light color:
Six styles to choose from,
LED light color is Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, or Red + Yellow + Blue + Green, Flash + Flash + slow always

Method of use:

1) is inserted and connected to the control box;

2) using sticks to fixtures, and ensure that the solar panels are not light was obscured by other objects, or may not be a valid charge;

3) lights will be fixed in the target location, such as trees, Windows, etc;

4) protective film on the torn solar panel, press the "on/off" button lights work properly. Press the "MODE" button to convert flashing mode.

1) because of the conversion efficiency of solar panels under the influence of light intensity, so the lights glow time may vary depending on the weather conditions, seasons, geographical location and other factors are different. This is normal;

2) only when the "on/off" control to "ON" State, string lights can be charged;

3) waterproofing design of products is limited to the rain and moisture, do not soakin water for a long time;

4) please don't Slam, beat this product, so as not to cause damage;

5) plug one end of the rod is very sharp, please pay attention to safety when used.Do not allow children to use this product.

Packing list:
1x Butterfly String Lights